The 6 Natural Wines Of Christmas


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We have picked a stunning selection of natural wines for your enjoyment this Christmas. This is a diverse box for the adventurous wine lover, featuring a sparkling red Lambrusco, a qvevri aged Georgian amber wine, and various other expressive wines made without additions. Each wine is ideally suited to a range of foods, and equally worthy of enjoying on its own. 



Andrea Occhipinti Rosso Arcaico, Lazio, Italy (r)

Camillo Donati Lambrusco, Emila Romagna, Italy (sp)

Issac Cantalpiedra Lirondo 19, Castilla Y Leon, Spain (w)

Iago Bitarishvili Chinuri Qvevri White, Kartli, Georgia (o)

Roc Des Anges Cor de Segna, Roussillon, France (r)

Sebastien David, Hurluberlu, St Nicolas de Bourgueil, Loire, France (r)

(r) =red  (o)= orange (sp) =sparkling (w)= white